aerial silk

Aerial silk act Amsterdam

Aerial silk act Amsterdam by multi-talented circus performers with spectacular aerial solo and group acts

acrobatic acts

Acrobatic duo

Excellent acrobatic duo acts of professional performers displaying absolute technical perfection.

show in balls

Sphere act

Superbly choreographed sphere act for private and corporate events.

circus performers

Hand-to-hand duo

Award-winning romantic performance of hand-to-hand acrobatic duo.

acrobatic duo

Romantic Aerial Silk Duo Kiev

Romantic aerial silk duo with perfect technique level coming from Kiev, Ukraine and available for performances at your events worldwide.

jazz band

Famous Jazz Band from Paris

Remember Midnight in Paris movie by Woody Allen? The amazing jazz theme playing there was performed by this jazz band. They have an impressive list of private and corporate clients and will make any event look top and chic.